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June 12, 2017 

Hello to our “radical” community. The TRM Board is aware of the recent Pediatrics Article, referenced by News Medical Life Sciences. Due do the controversial nature of the topic and the article, we are in the process of developing a set of guiding questions to be shared along with the original article from Pediatrics to facilitate discussion on our Facebook page. We encourage you to join the discussion in the coming days.


The board will also post a position statement and response to the article later this week. As a board, we feel it is important to make sure that everyone is well informed to ensure productive and respectful dialogue on a very sensitive issue. We look forward to facilitating.


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Topical Discussion Updated November 20, 2016:
The Radical Middle: Unity not Uniformity in Deaf Education wants to hear your story!!! How did you find the “middle”? What struggles have you had in your journey? What successes would you like to share? How are you applying the concepts and mission of The Radical Middle in your professional life?
July 2015:  Topical Discussions ICED 2015: Notable Quotes from Greg Leigh’s Keynote ICED 2015
July 2015: MDEaF (Moving Deaf Education Forward)
November 15- February 15, 2016 “Should All Deaf Children Learn Sign Language?” Hosted by Dr. Michella Maiorana-Basas and Uma Soman, ABD
Topic 1: Open Dialogue: Clearing the Air
Topic 2: Research: Evaluating and discussing the research cited in the Pediatrics Article.
Topic 3: Focus on Parent and Family Choices Regarding Modality and/or Philosophy: A Not so Easily Made Decision
Topic 4: Annotated Bibliography of relevant research cited in the article, responses or discussion threads.
February 15-March 28, 2016: Adolescent Literacy: What are the key components of quality instruction?  Hosted by Dr. Jessica Trussell and Dr. Christina Rivera
Topic 5: Preparing to Discuss Adolescent Literacy
Topic 6: Introduction to the Article
Topic 7: Fluency
Topic 8: Word Study
May 9th-June 5th, 2016: Protecting Children who are D/HH from Child Abuse and Neglect (CA/N).  Hosted by Drs. Caroline Guardino and Jenna Voss
Recognizing Child Abuse & Neglect
Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect
What Inhibits Us From Reporting?