Call To Action: The “1st 100”

CALL TO ACTION! We need your help in identifying 100 individuals to serve as “bright spots” of a community of learners for the protection and success of our children!

Reality: Children with disabilities are two, to three times more likely to experience to abuse and/or neglect than their nondisabled peers. This experience significantly impairs their health, learning, language, social behavior, and academic performance.

Problem: While a great deal is known regarding the causes, indicators, impact, and prevention of childhood abuse and neglect, most children, parents, and professionals are ill prepared to prevent, observe, understand, or respond to possible incidences of abuse and/or neglect.

Solution: The identification of 100 community leaders to serve as “Bright Spots,” i.e., respected and trusted individuals who participate in a community of learners to share, gather, and develop the knowledge, skills, and programs needed to increase awareness, enhance communication, and establish programs for the protection and success of our children.

Strategy: Ask three questions of three individuals that you trust and respect within your community, e.g., a parent, teacher, counselor, administrator, social worker, etc.

  • Awareness: “How can I protect my child from experiencing abuse and how can I tell if my child has experienced an abusive situation?”
  • Communication: “How can I talk with my child about their risk for abuse and how can I encourage them to tell me if they have experienced an abusive situation?
  • Programs: “What programs can be used to teach my child how to be safe and what to do if they find themselves in an unsafe situation?

Give every individual you question a copy of the attached DCMP resource list. Identify those individuals that provided a credible response to one, or more, of the questions. Send the names and contact information of the identified individuals to the “Bright Spot” Project Directors, i.e., Harold Johnson/Emeritus Professor – Kent State University ( and Janet Desgeorges/Executive Director – Hands & Voices ( Harold and Janet will then contact the individuals regarding becoming a “Bright Spot.”


More information about the Bright Spots Project can be found at